Between the Magical & the Mundane with Geek Girl Tarot

S02E03 - How to Use our Judgment of Others to Uplevel Our Inner Game with Anne Ruthmann

February 19, 2020

When we look at various spiritual paths - especially those that espouse "love and light" - we are discouraged from judging others. Some even tell us to "detox" from judgment. Could this reaction towards judging others - or judging ourselves - be a form of spiritual bypassing?

This week I bring on guest Anne Ruthmann to discuss this topic. We explore our own personal experiences with the j-word and the importance of understanding and responding vs reacting. Anne also shares how having healthy internal boundaries can transform judgment from a trap and into a tool we can use to uncover issues that we need to work on.

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About This Week's Guest:

Anne Ruthmann is a reiki master energy healer and teacher, as well as a business consultant for freelancers and creatives. Her passion is in helping people create a more freeing and abundant life to support their creativity and ability to give back to the world.




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